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Terpene Resin



Terpene resin is processed from natural turpentine turpentine.It doesn't crystallize.It is transparent,neutral,electric insulating and hydrophibic,It can resist sparse acid,aparse alkali,heat,light and ageing.It is of excellent visidity and of no poison It dissolves easily in different kinds of synthetic matter such as fragrant hydrocarbon and vegetable oil.

Product Quality:

Terpene resin is a new type of fine tackifier whose property is better is than roisn,modiffied resin petroleum resin and,etc.It is also a ameliorant
of hot-meoting material.Terpene resin is widely used as industrial material in rubber ,plastics,ink,paint,adhesive,dfy press-sensitive-glue,electric cable,colour printing,oil-paint,packing,rustproof-oil,chewing gum,and so on.

Tally with National Specialty Std. LY/T 1453-1999

Index name

Specifications Trademark






Softening point(R.&.B) (℃)






Color&lustre(Gordner Color imetric Method)

≤6(extra class)≤8(1st class)≤10(2st class)

Acid value(mgKOH/g)


Saponification value(mgKOH/g)


Iodin value


Impurity content(%)


Note : The products are classified into extra,lst,2nd class,according to their color and lustre.And by their softening point,each has five specifications.
Super-standard terpene risin with ligh colour and high softening point can be produced in the factory.


NW:25kgs.Packed with knitted sack,plastic liner inside.

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